Shy about Volunteering? Let Acts of Service show you events and organizations that need your help!

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As everyone knows, the stronger the community in which you live and/or work, the stronger your business can be.  Volunteering in our community is one of the core values for the employees at Specialized Staffing: 

Volunteer – our time, talent & resources 

Accountability – as we pursue our aspirations 

Legacy – to impact others’ lives 

Unbeatable – as we collaborate & compete 

Extraordinary – in all we do 

As busy as we all are, it’s not always easy to find opportunities that fit.  Realizing this gave rise to the idea for Acts of Service.  Jason Lippert challenged the employees of his eponymous company to go into their communities and complete an amazing 100,000 hours of community service.  Great idea!  However, where do you start?  There are so many worthy causes that need help.  How do you know if the causes benefit your local community? 

With these obstacles in mind, Jason and a dedicated team within Lippert Components created Acts of Service.  This group created a complete solution for identifying, scheduling and tracking service hours for Lippert employees and their families. 
You may be saying to yourself: “Great, but how does that benefit me and my employees?”  Well, Jason and his team decided that the tool that they created could benefit other organizations with similar volunteering goals.  In doing so, they created as a resource for volunteers to perform vetted community service hours for verified charitable organizations. The site also allows companies to track and approve employees’ hours and monitor company-wide goals. 

Not only reaching past the organization’s goal of 100,000 hours, Acts of Service tracked 117,000 hours of Lippert Employees community service in 2018.

Add their partner companies, and the site tracked over 200,000 hours of service last year!

Specialized Staffing has partnered with Acts of Service since they shared the platform.  It’s been a tremendous way for each staff member to advance towards to their individual goal of 40 hours of service in a year.   

“This entire experience of watching Acts of Service grow has been humbling,” said LCI’s Director of Philanthropic Relations & Acts of Service, Michilah Grimes. “Acts of Service is not about the hours, but about how the idea of connecting businesses and individuals with nonprofits has changed, not only corporate cultures, but also communities. This movement would not be possible without our committed nonprofit, corporate and individual partners.”

It’s still a manual process for a company to join.  But once the responsive tech team at sets up your company and your primary admin user, you can disseminate that information to your employees and let them set up and enter their own hours!  It’s a great way for individuals and teams to participate in worthy causes that benefit your community, your employees and your company. 

For more information, reach out to the team though or call 574-312-6816