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Specialized Staffing Solutions – Your Human Resource Partners


Specialized Staffing Solutions HR Services and Solutions offers strategic and full-service human resources (HR) solutions for all size companies. 

Looking for HR assistance from recruitment to onboarding to exit and retention?  We can help! 

Needing additional assistance with HR projects or HR support?  We have the solution!

Specialized Staffing Solutions HR Service and Solutions offers a number of real-time solutions: 

Recruiting Programs and Applicant Tracking – Utilizing a variety of sophisticated recruiting strategies, we can help find the right candidates with the right skill.  Identifying candidates who match your business values and culture, our Applicant Tracking program identifies the successful recruiting programs leading to the best fit candidates.

Employment Screening Services – Our experienced Professionals deliver accurate employee screening services including: 

-       Candidate Interview

-       Background Screening

-       Drug Testing

-       Skill Assessment

-       E-Verify

-       Customized Orientations


On-Boarding and Off-Boarding: 

On-Boarding:  Our HR experts customize a unique, fully documented On-Boarding Program specific to our client’s needs.  Our program includes managing all federal, state, local paperwork, and client specific paperwork and documentation.  Our team customizes your program from required government forms to company specific orientation, handbook and one-on-one associate on-boarding.  All this in languages and methods to fit the available candidate pool!

Off-Boarding: Our HR Professionals conduct one-on-one employee interviews utilizing customized questions to gather valuable data about the employee’s experience.  This valuable data is analyzed and presented to our clients, leading to HR solutions targeted at reducing turnover and improving the employee experience.

HR Management Support: Needing a project completed or an HR Professional on staff for a leave of absence?  We can help provide a fully qualified HR professionals to staff your facility on a short term or long-term basis.

HR Projects: 

Stay Interview Program and Exit Interview Program:  Data is critical to improving employee turnover, streamlining business practices and reducing unnecessary training dollars.  Our comprehensive Stay Interviews and Exit Interviews are customized to meet our client’s business objectives and growth strategies. Based on the analyzed data, our HR Professionals develop solutions for our clients to implement into their day-to-day programs.

HR Business Process Outsourcing: Needing a portion of your HR functions outsourced?  We can help!  Our HR Professionals meet with our clients to customize a client specific program to fit the growth strategies and business objectives of our clients.  Our consultative approach allows our clients to develop fluid programs for their current HR needs and future HR goals and initiatives.

Payroll:  Outsourcing payroll allows employers to focus on their core business, growth strategies and their internal staff. Millions of companies outsource their payroll process every year!  We generate 8,000+ W2’s and paychecks every year….We understand payroll and the challenges associated with processing payroll.  Our team of HR Professionals save our clients valuable time and money that can be redirected to core business solutions, growth strategies and their day-to-day operations. Our Professionals work closely with our Accountants to stay current with the ever-changing government rules and regulations keeping compliance in the forefront of our business practices.

Skill Testing:  Needing to assess the skills of potential candidates to fill a critical role?  Wanting to promote valuable employees?  We have the Skill Assessment tools to identify important computer skills, soft skills, and technical skills to make informed decisions.  Additionally, our tutorials can assist your employees improve their skills to help your company meet their business goals and strategic objectives.


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