Our Mission, Vision and Values

We at Specialized Staffing Solutions believe in attaining success. We know that success is important to both our associates and our clients. We want to be an integral part of that process. To that end, we believe in the following Mission & Vision Statements and set of Core Values:

Mission Statement

Specialized Staffing Solutions empowers individuals through meaningful work that leads to fuller lives, stronger organizations and richer communities.

Vision Statement

For Specialized Staffing Solutions to be the leading and most respected staffing service in the communities we serve. To be valued as a trusted advisor by our clients, associates and business partners.

Core Values

Specialized Staffing Solutions’ core values convey who we are as an organization and how we deliver value.

  • Volunteer – our time, talent & resources
  • Accountability – as we pursue our aspirations
  • Legacy – to impact others’ lives
  • Unbeatable – as we collaborate & compete
  • Extraordinary – in all we do


We want to ensure that we give the best of ourselves to the communities we serve and put our actions where our heart is. Specialized Staffing Solutions makes it our mission to get involved. We believe in people – and in creating strong communities for them to live in.

As a staff, we are committed to rolling up our sleeves and delving into local needs – wherever those needs present themselves. We believe in giving and we know the good it can do, for individuals, communities and the world at large. We are committed to positive change and Specialized Staffing wants to be a part of that. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • By volunteering generously of our time to area non-profits
  • By dedicating a percentage of Specialized Staffing’s annual revenue to the programs provided by non-profit organizations whose mission is aligned closely with our own
  • By bringing attention to the non-profit organizations below and their service to those who need them most