New Money Network card for Specialized Staffing

If you’re receiving your weekly pay via an iPay card, managing your money will be much easier with less fees! In the next few weeks, you’ll receive notice when to pick up your new cards. Your November 2nd pay will be on the new card!

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Money Network App

With the new app you can:

  • Notifications of deposits and transactions

  • Check your balance

  • Send Money

  • Automatic Bill Pay

  • Locate In-Network ATM’s

  • Deposit Checks

  • Buy Gift Cards

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Backed by Visa

Your new Money Network Card works anywhere Visa is accepted! This opens your buying power to millions of stores, restaurants and on-line websites!

Plus, you’re protected:

  • Freeze a lost or stolen card

  • Report Fraudulent Activity

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Less Fees, More Freedom!

When you’re in-network, there are no transaction fees.

That means you have more power to spend your hard-earned money!

This card is yours! If you choose to leave, you can continue to use it with a new employer that supports iPay!

 Download for Android

Download for Android

 Download for iPhone

Download for iPhone

When does this happen?

For our current associates, here’s the timeline for exchanging your old iPay card for the new one:

  1. By October 24th, 2018, you’ll receive a text or email from Specialized Staffing that your card is ready.

  2. October 26th pay will be the last issued on the current iPay card. No more deposits will be made to the card. You can continue to use the old card until they’re no money left in your account. You can transfer funds from he old to the new card, but know that in most cases, your money may not be available for 48 hours. Please remember this when choosing this option.

  3. By November 2nd, you must pick up your new card. If you do not, you will have a paper check available at your office

For new associates hired after October 8th, 2018:

  1. No older iPay cards will be issued. You will receive a paper check on October 19, 2018 if this is your first paycheck with Specialized Staffing.

  2. Your new iPay card will be available October 22, 2018 in the branch office.


Call your branch office for general timeline questions.