Making Sure They're The Right Fit

Our Risk Management Program offers staffing solutions through six unique steps. This program provides the framework for recruiting and retaining the best employees available while minimizing the risk of lost time and worker’s compensation claims.

Each Specialized Staffing Solutions applicant undergoes a thorough interview process, including verification of both skill set and employment preferences. In addition, testing, background checks with eVerify, reference checking and drug screen consent are just a few of the safeguards built into our process.

Want to ensure that your candidate is ready for the position?

Specialized Staffing Solutions offers Prove-It!®, the latest web-based technology for testing, screening and employee growth.

With Prove-it!®, we have 1,500 qualified assessments to help us measure a candidate’s skills so we can properly place them in the right position or enhance their skills for success.

Offering interactive tutorials that complement the Microsoft Office assessment programs, the testing does not have to take place in our offices because Prove-It!® can be used wherever web-access is available for practice, testing and skills improvement just by using a simple password.

It’s an easy, anytime/anywhere solution to skills testing and growth for our candidates and employees.