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Information is power

Detailed, client-driven information, via reports and analytics, is a powerful tool, gaging business efficacy. Specialized Staffing Solutions provides our clients with up-to-date, timely and accurate account information via our custom tracking and reporting capabilities.

Management reports can be customized to share information detailing turnover ratio, financial investments, specific KPIs and metrics that measure your operational success.

Activity and job reports can include job order performance reports, individual employee work, performance details and staff-utilization reports for any combination of information, including hours worked by location, cost center or department.

Our systems also make placing job orders, receiving invoices, assigning employees to orders, printing daily or weekly sign-in sheets and timecards and printing and storing timesheets a breeze.

Specialized Staffing makes it our mission to arm our clients with information and tools necessary to quickly service requests and needs.

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