Success Stories

Hear from some of our associates and clients how partnering with Specialized Staffing positively impacted their lives and businesses.


"Specialized Staffing is going to ensure you have a position that suits you. They will then go a step further to ensure you are thriving in that position. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have much of a life. They made my life possible." —Sharlean, Elkhart, IN

"I have been able to get good jobs and a great work history. In the past four to five years, I have learned through Specialized Staffing, how to be 100 percent independent and handle things on my own. Prior to that time, I was more dependent on others. But now I am able to do things for myself. Being self sufficient is something that Specialized has provided me. I am so grateful to them for this." —Diana, Goshen, IN

"The staff is very understanding and they really work with you. They are wonderful, caring people who really look out for their people. It's a great company to work with and for. They have really taken care of me. I have never been to a staffing place where you might be coming out of a job and they turn right around and place you again. I have been with Specialized for three years and have only been between jobs for a total of two days." —Mavia, Kalamazoo, MI

"My current position, this is where I want to be. Specialized Staffing did a great job of finding a place where I fit and belong." —James, South Bend, IN

"Specialized Staffing was a life saver for me. I honestly wanted to give up on looking for employment because I was being rejected constantly. But the staff invested time and care into me. Their investment motivated me to keep a positive mindset and look forward to the future and not be afraid of it! " —Chloe, Elkhart, IN

"Specialized Staffing got me the job that saved and made my life.They made a way when there was no way." —Bill, Grand Rapids, MI

"The staff was great about matching my skills to my abilities."
—Ashley, Elkhart, IN



"We have experienced nothing but fantastic results whenever we have called upon Specialized to assist us with our hiring needs. After meeting with several staffing agencies, it was clear that Specialized Staffing possessed the willingness, drive and understanding to help us realize our goal. I would, without question, recommend Specialized Staffing Solutions to anyone looking to partner with a top-shelf organization. No matter how large or small our needs have been, Specialized has always treated Wieland Designs as if we were one of their own." —Joe Williams, Human Resource Manager, Wieland Designs, Goshen, IN

"Praxis Packaging has had a successful partnership with Specialized Staffing for over 10 years. In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, you must be responsive, flexible and quality minded to succeed. It is important that our staffing partner has the same business values to provide us with the resources to meet and exceed our customer's demands. Specialized Staffing is that business partner! The local Specialized Staffing team is outstanding! They are very responsive, knowledgeable and operate as an integral part of Praxis Packaging. You will also find the corporate management team actively engaged in identifying business solutions that allow both of our companies to succeed. Praxis Packaging has had tremendous growth over the last 10 years. Our partnership with Specialized Staffing has been a critical component to our growth and success." —Richard King, President/CEO, Sixarp, LLC - Praxis, Grand Rapids, MI