Get Ready for Your Interview

Essential Tips & Strategies!

Quick Tips

Be Prepared

Bring along essential documents, highlight your previous work history, qualifications, and skills. Be prepared to discuss your desired pay range and the ideal area you'd like to work in

How to Dress

Dressing for success doesn't always mean a suit! Pick an outfit that's clean, neat, and free of tears or stains. Skip the sweats and show up in appropriate clothing that reflects your respect for the opportunity.

Be Professional

Arrive on time to show you value everyone's schedule. Treat the staff with kindness and respect. Watch your language, keeping it clean and friendly. And most importantly, keep that positive vibe going!

Be Open-Minded

Stay open-minded to job opportunities that might surprise you. Our recruiting staff are pros at spotting potential matches where you can truly shine. Trust their expertise and be open to exploring options you may not have considered initially.

Be Prepared

To help our team match you with the perfect position, it’s important to provide a complete overview of your work history, skills, and preferences. Have all this information ready before your scheduled appointment.

Be prepared to guide your interviewer through your work history, clearly outlining your qualifications & skills, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving. Clearly communicate your career goals, preferred job type, pay range expectations, and any flexibility you have.

If you’re seeking a skilled position that requires additional certifications, we recommend bringing a copy of your resume and any requested documents. 

If you’re leaving a job, be ready to discuss your reasons without dwelling on the negatives. Focus on why the current role isn’t the right fit for you.

Before Your Interview

1. Apply Online

If you haven’t applied with us before, apply online before coming to our office. This will save you valuable time and help us get to know you better!

2. Update Your Information

If you have applied with us in the past, log into your employee portal to make sure your contact information is current and correct!

3. Download Our App

Download our mobile app. This will be your one-stop shop to view openings, check-in as “available” for work, view assignments & pay history, and more!

To download, search “Tempworks” in either the App or Play Store, then log in using the invite code “Specialized” 

Bring to Your Interview

1. Two Forms of Identification

These must be valid (not expired) government-issued IDs such as a driver’s license, social security card, or passport. They must be original documents, copies and photos are not accepted. 

2. Previous Work History

To help our team find the best placement for you, we’ll need to understand your previous experience. Please be prepared to discuss the last 3 years or the last 3 jobs you’ve had. Including dates of employment, name, and location of companies, job titles, and the duties you performed. 

3. Skills & Certificates

Be prepared to discuss the details of any certifications or qualifications you hold that make you the perfect fit for the job. Whether it’s technical expertise or specialized training, demonstrating your capabilities confidently can make all the difference in landing your assignment. 

4. Resume

While a resume may not be mandatory for all job interviews, it’s highly recommended, especially for skilled positions requiring additional training and certifications. Your resume serves as a valuable tool to highlight your qualifications and experiences, giving our team a complete overview of your capabilities.

How to Dress

When deciding what to wear for your interview with our team, keep the saying in mind “dress for the job you want.” While a suit is not necessary for roles like light industrial or business casual positions, aim for a neat, clean appearance. Avoid tight, stained, or ripped clothing, as well as sweats and clothing with offensive language and images.

Demonstrating effort and attention to your appearance can make a positive impression and show the recruiting team that you’ll take your assignment seriously.

Clothing to Avoid

1. Untidy / Dirty Clothing

Even in a casual setting, dressing in a clean and well-maintained outfit shows and commitment to making a positive impression.

2. Ripped Clothing

Ripped clothing, no matter how casual the setting, can detract from your credibility and undermine the impression you’re aiming to make. By opting for an outfit without rips or tears, you convey a polished image that reflects your respect for the opportunity and the company.

3. Sweat Pants

While comfort is important, wearing sweats can send the wrong message about your commitment to the opportunity. By dressing in clothing that reflects your readiness to engage in the role, you set the stage for a successful interview and leave a lasting positive impression.

4. Offensive Language & Images

It’s important to ensure that your clothing reflects respect and professionalism. Avoiding clothes with offensive language or images is essential to maintain a positive image. Such clothing can be distracting and may convey a lack of judgment or sensitivity.

Clothing to Wear

1. Tidy / Clean Clothing

Your appearance sets the tone for how you’re remembered, make sure your outfit reflects your readiness to engage and make a memorable impression.

2. Jeans / Khakis

Jeans or khakis can be perfectly acceptable attire for a job interview, as long as they’re clean, neat, and free from rips or tears.

3. Button-Up, Polos, or T-Shirts

When it comes to dressing for a job interview, button-up shirts, polos, or well-fitted t-shirts can be excellent choices, offering a blend of comfort and professionalism. Make sure these items are clean, free from stains, and do not have any offensive language or images. 

4. Well-Fitting Clothes

Wearing well-fitting clothes to a job interview is essential for presenting yourself in the best possible light. Avoiding clothing that is too tight or too loose not only ensures comfort but also demonstrates your respect for the opportunity.

Be Professional

Arriving on time and treating everyone with respect are important aspects of professionalism during a job interview. Being on time shows that you are reliable and respect others’ time, setting a positive tone for the interview.

Additionally, treating staff and others in the office with kindness and respect showcases your interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others. These simple yet essential actions not only reflect positively on your character but also contribute to creating a good impression. By being professional in every interaction, you set yourself up for success in your job interview and beyond.

Things to Avoid

1. Being Late / Not Showing

Not showing up or arriving late can show a lack of interest or responsibility, potentially hurting your chances of securing the job. By honoring your scheduled appointment and respecting others’ time, you not only showcase your interest in the available opportunities but also set the stage for a successful interview experience.

Remember, being on time is key to making a strong and lasting impression in the competitive job market.

2. Being Rude / Hostile

Being rude or hostile not only reflects poorly on your character but also undermines your reputation and chances of securing the job. Treat everyone you encounter during the interview process with kindness and respect, including staff members and others in the office.

Positive interactions demonstrate your ability to work well with others and contribute positively to the workplace. By being kind and courteous, you not only enhance your candidacy but also leave a lasting impression as a valuable asset to any organization.

Things to Do

1. Arrive on Time or Call Ahead

Arriving on time for a scheduled interview demonstrates your reliability and commitment to the opportunity. However, if something happens and you’re unable to make it or may be late, a simple call can make all the difference. By communicating any delays or changes in plans, you show respect for the interviewer’s time. This not only helps to maintain a positive impression but also reflects well on your character and reliability.

Remember, effective communication is key to building trust and strong relationships, even in a job interview.

2. Be Respectful & Kind

Remember that the team’s goal is to help you succeed and find a great job. Being respectful and kind throughout the process not only demonstrates your attitude but also reflects positively on your character. Treat everyone you encounter with courtesy and consideration, recognizing their efforts to support you in your job search journey.

By fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere, you not only showcase your interpersonal skills but also create a lasting impression as a candidate who is a pleasure to work with. 

Be Open-Minded

Keeping an open mind is important when working with our team, as we support a diverse range of clients and job opportunities. It’s possible that the position you initially applied for may no longer be available, or it may not be a match with your skills or preferences. However, the recruiting team is dedicated to finding the best fit for you. They’ll make suggestions tailored to your skill set, personal preferences, and requirements. Being receptive to their feedback and suggestions opens up new possibilities and increases your chances of finding the perfect match.

Embrace the process with an open mind, knowing that the right opportunity might be just around the corner.

We Cannot Promise

1. The Job is Still Available

If you found a job opportunity online that grabbed your interest, or if our team contacted you about a potential opening –  we cannot promise that the job will still be available. Our jobs are filled by qualified candidates on a “first come, first served” basis.

2. An Immediate Job Offer

While we have a wide range of job opportunities, we cannot promise that we will have an immediate opening that fits your skill set and requirements. If you leave a scheduled interview without a job offer – DON’T BE DISCOURAGED! We get new opportunities daily and will work to find the right fit for you!

3. Being Placed with Friends or Family

You may be interested in finding a job with friends or family members to make transportation easier to simply to have a friendly face on the job. However, we cannot promise we’ll be able to secure job offers for friends and family at the same assignment. 

We Do Promise

1. We'll Offer Other Suggestions (As Available)

If the job you were interested in is no longer available, our team will work to find other openings that will fit your skills and requirements. While immediate options may be limited based on our current openings, we may suggest temporary assignments, opportunities in neighboring cities, or roles related to your work history that you hadn’t previously considered.

Your satisfaction and success remain our top priorities as we navigate this process together.

2. We'll Stay in Touch

We know that looking for a new job can be stressful. If we cannot find you an immediate job offer that fits your needs, our team will stay in contact regularly as we receive new opportunities. Additionally, we’ll use our in-house software to keep you “checked-in” as work-ready, and added to relevant “hot lists” to keep you top of mind when we receive new openings. 

If you’re in good standing and eligible for employment, your job search journey is our priority, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.