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Trust, Fairness, Job Security, and Equity – More than Compliance 

Explore the crucial role of HR in fostering trust, promoting fairness, ensuring job security, and advancing equity in the workplace. Discover strategies such as transparent communication, unbiased hiring practices, and diversity initiatives that help create a positive, inclusive work environment, positioning your organization as an Employer of Choice.

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Monthly Labor Market Reports

Michigan Labor Market Review – July 2024

The latest report from the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget provides updates on employment trends, labor force changes, and job market conditions across Michigan for May. The report highlights regional employment gains, shifts in the labor force, and changes in nonfarm employment, offering a comprehensive overview of the state’s economic landscape.

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Indiana Labor Market Review – July 2024

The latest report highlights shifts in Indiana’s employment landscape for May 2024. It provides insights into changes in the labor force and employment trends across various regions in the state. This comprehensive overview helps understand the current economic conditions and job market dynamics in Indiana.

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